Hey, future Digital Boss!

If you're thinking about selling digital products, but you're not sure how to get started or what to sell - this is for YOU! Get access to ALL 11 replay videos from our live event where we discuss everything from digital product creation, to marketing, to pricing and more!

You've thought about creating a course, membership site or digital download to sell online, but how do you know which will be most profitable for YOU?!

The truth is, so many digital product makers jump into creating products BEFORE they're ready, and they end up burning out FAST. Why? Because there's a lot that goes into running a digital product business that most courses don't teach.

Like understanding the difference between a low-touch digital product and a high-touch digital product! Do you love being more hands off? OR Do you love supporting a community!?

We'll cover allll the juicy details of different types of digital products in this course so you can choose the best one for YOU.

And Just For Kicks, Here Are Just A FEW Cool Things About Creating and Selling Digital Products...


Think about it. If you're working 1:1 (maybe you're a coach or service provider) you can only help so many people a year. But with a digital product? That product can be sold OVER and OVER again - allowing you to help so many more amazing humans. How cool is that?!

Free Up Your Time

What would be possible for you if you were able to free up more time because you don't have to constantly be in front of your computer screen or creating something new every day? Once you have a winning product, you can scale that product to the moon and focus on your family, friends and other hobbies!

Grow The Bank

I'm guessing you want to make money selling your digital products, right? One of my FAVORITE things about selling digital products is - the sky is the limit for how many you want to sell - which means the sky is the limit on how much you can make if you do it right!

Get Started For Only $7!

Hey there, I'm Amy Jo

I've been creating and selling digital products since 2016 and can't wait to show you how fun the digital product life is!

Before I started creating digital products, I was glued to my desk in front of a computer screen. When I introduced digital products into my business, I was able to finally make money AWAY from the screen - freeing up so much time!

It's been a game changer for me, so buckle up! It's time for you to hop on board the digital product train 🚂

Let's do this!